23 Certificates of Attendance at Summer School

July 1 - September 15, 1903

Acting Superintendent Edgar A. Allen forwards certificates of attendance at summer school for 23 employees: M. S. Barr (nurse), Bertha Canfield (seamstress), Kate S. Bowersox (assistant principal & normal teacher), Florence M. Carter (small boys' manager), Frances A. Veitch (assistant matron), Ella G. Hill (laundry manager), Jeannette L. Senseney (music teacher), Emma A. Cutter (senior teacher), Edith McHarg Steele (librarian), Minnie L. Ferree (assistant matron), Anne H. Stewart (sloyd teacher), and Margaret Roberts, Frances R. Scales, Ora B. Bryant, William Davies, Enoch M. Sherry, Mabel B. Sherry, Agnes May Robbins, Fanny G. Paull, Clara L. Smith, Mariette Wood, Frank T. Reising, and Sadie E. Newcomer (teachers).

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Standard Forms & Transactions
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 2369, 1903-#59418
23 Certificates of Attendance at Summer School