Jim Thorpe in Starting Crouch

The headline reads: THORPE, A WONDERFUL INDIAN

The description reads: Jim Thorpe, the wonderful Sac and Fox Indian youth of the Carlisle School, who is picked by many to win the tryout for the American Olympic game in the Pentathlon all-around event at Celtic Park, New York, Saturday. Thorpe has done the 100-yard in 10 seconds, broad jumped 23 feet, high jumped 6 feet, 2 1-2 inches, has put the shot 44 feet, run the high hurdle in 13 3-5 seconds and the low hurdles in 26 seconds. Three performances give him a strong claim to the title of champion all-around athlete. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds.

Time Period
RG 75, Series 1327, box 37, folder 1783