Request to Repatriate of Frank Cushing's Body to Zuni

September 30 - October 18, 1881

Richard Henry Pratt forwards a letter that was originally sent to Benjamin M. Thomas, U.S. Indian Agent at the Pueblo Agency, from S. A. Bentley a teacher in the Indian Service. Bentley's letter concerns the wishes of Frank Cushing's parents to have his body repatriated to Zuni. Pratt comments that this is not a simple matter and references the case of White Thunder who after seeing his son's resting place at Carlisle was satisfied with having his son's body remain at Carlisle. Pratt concludes by saying the matter can be settled if the Pueblo Chiefs visit the school as was previously discussed by Thomas.

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Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 45, 1881-#18374
Request to Repatriate of Frank Cushing's Body to Zuni