Pratt Responds to Request for Enrolling Holiday

January 9, 1888 - January 13, 1888

Richard Henry Pratt responds to the Office of Indian Affairs regarding the request to enroll Holiday in the Carlisle Indian School. Pratt notes that Holiday is likely far above the age limit of Carlisle general rule and due to his work in Washington D.C. might not be prepared for the strictness of life at Carlisle. However, Pratt notes that if those who know him can vouch for his character and the Office wishes to have him enrolled at Carlisle he would not further object. Pratt ends by noting that he would recommend enlisting Holiday in the Cavalry.

Also included is a note from Providence Hospital noting that Holiday has been in the hospital with a fracture in his leg and now desires to be sent to his reservation.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 440, 1888-#1210
Pratt Responds to Request for Enrolling Holiday