Interviews with Former Staff (Main Report Exhibit T)

February 24, 1914

These documents include correspondence, an article possibly written by Moses Friedman and part of an affidavit collected by John B. Brown at behest of the Office of Indian Affairs for the 1914 congressional investigation into Carlisle. A supervisor of the Indian Service, Brown was asked to secure statements from people with knowledge of conditions at Carlisle who lived in Oklahoma as of January 1914.

In the affidavit of E. K. Miller he discusses the recruitment of students for the athletics program, his inability to keep student athletes working at the print office, and his belief that Friedman was untrustworthy.

In Inspector Linnen's main report for the 1914 Congressional investigation at Carlisle, this document is labelled Exhibit T.

Note: Although the correspondence indicates that Brown collected a number of affidavits, only E. K. Miller's has been found.


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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #10144-1914-Carlisle-154
Typed letter from John B. Brown to Commissioner, first page of this set of documents