Cattle Tuberculosis Testing, 1916

January 22 - February 7, 1916

Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry A. D. Melvin informs Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells that when Dr. F. I. Winant tested Carlisle's cattle herd for tuberculosis in January of 1916, 34 were found to be healthy and 2 were found to be "suspicious."

Sells tells Carlisle Superintendent Oscar H. Lipps to slaughter the 7 infected cows, 2 suspicious cows, and 4 "unsatisfactory" cows. Lipps informs Sells that he has made plans to slaughter the 13 cows and made advertisements to purchase new cattle to replace them.

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RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #8170-1916-Carlisle-733
Cattle Tuberculosis Testing, 1916