The School News (Vol. 2, No. 6)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
November 1881
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The first page talked about the cost of educating an Indian vs the cost of killing one to support the Indian Schools. The article was titled “The Amount it Takes to Kill One Indian Would Establish Many School Like Carlisle and Hampton” by Michael Burns (Apache). The second page has an article encouraging students to only speak English to learn to language quicker. Also on page 2 were two small bit describing pictures seen by two students, and a letter from Clarence Sioux to someone he calls “Three Stars.” Page three had a list of short vignettes of various student actions, including a young girl mishearing and telling a white lady that she has been baptized, but it didn’t stick. It also mentioned Professor Apgar’s visit to the school on this page and teach about South America and maps. Page four has John Menaul (Pueblo) describing a picture of a boy holding a ball with a dog next to him, and a short story by Cyrus Dickson (Pueblo) about a young boy named Emma feeding his pony.

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