The Red Man (Vol. 8, No. 8)

April 1916
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The first article, written by Robert Yellowtail the secretary of the Crow Indian Council, stated the many reasons the Council had voted against the opening of the Crow Reservation. In the following article, Minnie Moore Wilson wrote about the Seminoles struggles over land ownership in Florida. The article focused on many aspects of the issue, including the degradation of natural resources, and painted a picture of the "peace-loving dwellers of the Everglades". Next appeared an article entitled "State Co-operation with Indians", in which A. E. Anderson detailed joint agricultural efforts between the State Relations Service and the Office of Indian Affairs on the Omaha and Winnebago reservations. The following article, written by Charles E. Waterman, told the legend of Molocket, a Indian woman who had inhabited the area of Trap Corner in Maine and was said to have left behind great treasures. Next appeared a letter from General Pratt, written in response to the article "Training Indian Girls for Efficient Home Maker", which had appeared in a previous issue of the Red Man. Next an article pulled from the Princeton Alumni Weekly, discussed the origins of football in America and the evolution of the game. In the following article, pulled from the Overland Monthly, Max McD wrote about the "Canadian Indians and the Fur Trade" in conjunction with the closing of the fur markets in Europe. The last article, from the San Francisco Chronicle, discussed "Penn's Treatment of the Indians" and stated that Penn recognized Indian land ownership and treated Indians as equals in courts of law. 

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