The Red Man (Vol. 8, No. 7)

Carlisle, PA
March 1916
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Articles in this issue appear under the title "Save the Indian Babies" and were written by doctors, physicians, and field matrons. In the opening article Cato Sells, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, called upon "Superintendents, Teachers, Physicians, Matrons, [and] Nurses" to improve efforts to lower the mortality rate, particularly among infants. The following, written by Dr. W. K. Callahan, described medical practices observed at Indian births. The following article, by Dr. Charles L. Zimmerman, discussed proper infant feeding practices. Next, a report from a field matron in St. Xavier, Montana, discussed improving health conditions. A similar report posited that unfavorable living conditions are partially responsible for the infant mortality rates and condemns the practices of medicine men. Following articles, written by doctors and field matrons, advocated for better education and hygiene. A few attributed the death of Indian babies to the lack of food, drinking water, and other resources. Next an article by I. Z. Stalberg, M.D. provided an enumerated list of steps of measure to be taken both by Indian Offices and Indians. The final article, entitled "Mother's League" outlined lectures on proper care and treatment of babies, which were to be given at Indian Schools. 

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