The Red Man (Vol. 7, No. 3)

Carlisle, PA
November 1914
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The press comments section covered a Supreme Court Case involving a group of Cherokees, who sought to recover interest on deferred payments. Arthur L. Stone, in the following article, told the story of the Dragon of Selish. Next, Domitilla wrote about the Stonish Giants who were defeated by the Shawnee. The following article, pulled from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, critiqued the habits of Chippewa chiefs. Another article, pulled from the same paper, covered modern methods adopted by Oklahoma Indians. Next, General Richard H. Pratt discussed how he came to found the Carlisle Indian School, through a vision he had, as well as his travels to other nations. The final article explained the work of the National Indian Association, and listed all of the mission work done since 1884. The final sections include information on alumni. 

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SC-Indian 973.0497 R312 v.7