The Red Man (Vol. 6, No. 6)

Carlisle, PA
February 1914
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H. B. Peairs, author of the opening article, discussed the present and future of Indian education. Next, in an article pulled from Everybody’s, author Hasting McAdam wrote about the herding techniques of Indians. In the following article, Frederic Snyder argued his belief that Indians need to modernize themselves in order to succeed. Next, Edna Hamilton wrote a poem entitled “The Red Man’s Phantom.” Gabe E. Parker, in an article pulled from the Assembly Herald, discussed the changing domestic, social, and political conditions amongst Indian nations. Albert B. Reagan, author of the next article, wrote about Ben D. Beargrease, a Bois Fort Indian that Reagan admired. Next, Domitilla discussed the legend of the medicine worship, and in the legends, stories, and customs section Edward Bracklin of the Chippewa wrote about the legend of the thunderbird. In between these two articles was a poem by Kipling entitled “You’ll Be a Man.”

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