The Red Man (Vol. 5, No. 8)

Carlisle, PA
April 1913
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F. H. Abbott, the acting commissioner of Indian affairs and author of the first article, discussed the importance of the Carlisle Indian School for Indians, and his pride in the recent graduates. This article was delivered during commencement exercises. The next article, pulled from the Christian Science Monitor, discussed many of  the positive features of the Carlisle Indian School, such as the great facilities, vocational training, and the outing system. Next, Dixon Van Valkenberg discussed the high death rate of Indians, and ways of combating it. In the final article, Domitilla wrote of an Ojibway legend about the southern star and the water lily. In the editorial comment section the opportunities of the day school, the Quarterly Journal of the Society of American Indians, and farming progress were discussed. The final section, Comment of Our Contemporaries, featured numerous excerpts pulled from publications across the country, which noted the efficacy of the school.

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