The Red Man (Vol. 5, No. 6)

February 1913
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George P. Donehoo wrote the first article comparing Indians of the past to those of the future. The next article, written by E. L. Martin covered two Indian artists, Lone Star and his wife Angel De Cora and their art classes at the Carlisle Indian School. Estelle Armstrong, author of the next article, wrote about the tale of a dog, which teaches children about kindness to animals. The next article, pulled from the New York American, discussed the transformation of the twelve Hopi students at Carlisle, from their entrance, their accomplishments at the school, to their departure. The editorial comment section covered the policies used to keep liquor away from the students, and the success of Winnebago farmers. The following sections Notes on Indian Progress and Comment on Our Contemporaries lauded the work of the school. In the legends, stories, and customs section, Anna Hauser of the Cheyenne wrote about the Indian’s gift of giving without expecting anything in return. Lastly, appeared information on graduated and returned students.

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