The Red Man (Vol. 5, No. 5)

Carlisle, PA
January 1913
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The first article, written by Frederick A. Woelflen, discussed the industrial progress of Northwest Indians. Harvey K. Meyer wrote about the Carlisle Indian School, and his belief that it trained Indian students for life. He referred to the amount of money made in instruction work, and the outing system. J. A. Gilfillan covered Ojibway Indian Ne-bun-esh-kink and his success as a soldier. The next two articles, written by Meyer Bloomfield and The Brooklyn Citizen respectively, discussed job opportunities fitted for Carlisle graduates and the prominence of Indians in recent newspapers. In the legends, stories and customs section Sadie M. Ingalls of the Sac & Fox wrote about why crows are black. Also in this section Lida Wheelock of the Oneida wrote of the Arapahoe’s belief in Mescal, and Caleb Carter of the Nez Perce discussed the story of the coyote and the wind. In the editorial section congressional appropriations for Indians, and disease in Indian nations were discussed. Finally, appeared information on ex-students and graduates.

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