The Red Man (Vol. 4, No. 5)

Carlisle, PA
January 1912
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In the first article, Alexander F. Chamberlain discussed American Indians names for white settlers and their origins. He examined the different names given to white settlers from different native tribes. The next article, written by George W. Kellogg, was about the various successes of former Carlisle students. Dr. A. L. Kroeber wrote an article, which first appeared in Popular Science Monthly, about American Indian language and "picture writing". He addressed misconceptions about Indian languages. He also discussed how the languages sound, the number of words, and the grammar of Indian languages. The professions of Indians were discussed by J. M. Oskison. He argued that the majority of students at Carlisle are successful  in their specific profession, after leaving the school. Current students Iva Miller and Virginia Gaddy discussed the legend behind the robin red breast, and the adoption dance, respectively. In the editor’s comment section increasing Carlisle’s scope, and the agreement by Hopi Indians to send their children to Carlisle were discussed.

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