The Red Man (Vol. 4, No. 4)

Carlisle, PA
December 1911
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In the first article Pliny Earle Goddard, associate curator at the Museum of National History, discussed the different policies towards Indians in America and Canada. The next article, by Superintendent Moses Friedman, argued the importance of educating Indian students from Alaska. He examined the successes of former Carlisle students from Alaska. The next two articles, written by Edgar B. Meritt and H. Dimick, both employed with the Office of Indian Affairs at the time, discussed the progress of the American Indian, as well as work that still needs to be done, and the subject of Indian finances. Dr. A. L. Kroeber wrote about the different languages of American Indians. He covered the complexity of each language, with specific reference to three major linguistic families: the Uto-Aztekan, Pueblo, and Algonkin. The next section includes two stories from students Benedict Cloud, and Ella Johnson. Cloud wrote about the story of the Great Spirit teaching the Sioux Indians of South Dakota to pray. Johnson’s story was about the importance of the Indian Medicine Man. Finally, in the editor’s comments the development of Indians in industry and education was discussed. The acceptance of the Indian school education by Cheyenne chiefs was also mentioned.

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