The Red Man (Vol. 4, No. 10)

Carlisle, PA
June 1912
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The first article, written by Edgar B. Meritt, discussed sanitary homes for Indians. Meritt argued that teepees, mud lodged, and hogans were unacceptable homes for Indians, and he put forth models which he believed should be built that would help with health, and industry. Charles Van Voorhis discussed the claim of the New York Cayugas against the state of New York. The Cayugas argued that the state had made large profits off of land deals with the Cayuga. Arthur C. Parker, a New York archaeologist,  discussed the legal status of Indians; and J. A. Gilfillan wrote about his experiences with a Sioux chief named Med-we-gan-on-int. There is an article that lists some facts on American Indians, including population sizes and employment numbers. The final article, written by C. E. Kelsey, discussed the need for more schools for California Indians. In the Editorial Comment section, athletics, agriculture, the moving of the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Inspection Office to Washington D.C., and vocational guidance at Carlisle. The Book Review features titles such as The Indian Special, Dictionary of Biloxi, and Of Languages, etc. Lastly, appeared brief descriptions of ex-students and graduates lives after Carlisle. 

Note: Pages 447 and 448 are missing. The top half of page 473 has been cut off. 

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