The Indian Helper (Vol. 5, No. 14)

Carlisle, PA
November 22, 1889
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The first page opened with a poem by E.G. titled "After Carlisle, What?” followed by the next installment of the series titled “How An Indian Girl Might Tell Her Own Story if She Had the Chance: Founded on Actual Observations of the Man-on-the-band-stand’s Chief Clerk” (continued from the previous week). The story continued on the fourth page. Page two featured news about the Apache prisoners of war at Mt. Vernon Barracks reprinted from the Southern Workman, Cleaver Warden’s (Arapaho) assessment of life at the Arapaho Agency, a visit by Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs R.V. Belt, a report on the Friday night monthly exhibition, and a piece about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes.

Page three included news bits about preparing the school grounds for winter, good manners, a roller skating exhibition, visitors, a teacher trip to Gettysburg with the visiting Assistant Commissioner, Howard Logan’s (Winnebago) injury during a gymnastics accident, library holdings, and an averted accident at the Teachers’ Quarters construction site. Page four completed the segment of the weekly serialized story which became the book Stiya, followed by a warning about posture linking bad form to lung disease. The page concluded with the “Enigma.”

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