The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 40)

The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 40)
Carlisle, PA
May 24, 1889

The first page began with a poem titled “My Kingdom,” followed by a story told by the Man-on-the-band-stand called “An Indian Boy in Ohio Whispers His Story of a Hard Row on the River.” The story described how an Indian student survived a dangerous storm in a boat with his companions. Page two opened with a letter “From Peter Powlas, Oneida,” that contained news from the school and community in Oneida, Wisconsin. “News of Former Pupils” was all about former Carlisle students at the Haskell Indian School, followed by commencement information that included the return by Richard Davis (Cheyenne) and family for the activities, and ended with a baseball report from the Educational Home in Philadelphia.

Page three featured small news briefs that included accounts of improvements to the school, excursions by teachers and students, visitors from Washington, D.C.; new band instruments, Joe Harris’ (Gros Ventre) quick-changing ability, and that ended with “I Wish I was an Injun,” from the perspective of a six-year old boy. Page four concluded the storm story from the first page, added a few advice maxims and ended with “All of the Face of the Penny,” a 22-question puzzle.

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