The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 52)

Carlisle, PA
August 10, 1888
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The first page opened with the poem, “What Makes A Man,” followed by an article titled, “Interesting Observations At the Indians’ Own Home” reprinting a letter from Joshua Given (Kiowa) who described the social and political news from the Kiowa and Comanche Agency. He reported the activities of students who had returned home from Carlisle. The letter continued on the fourth page and refuted the previous report from the June 1, 1888 issue that Etahdleuh’s belongings had been burned when he died. The second page opened with an account of Pratt’s involvement with “The Indian Commission” at the Standing Rock Sioux Agency, followed by an Outing report and a full column account “Camp Items” that described snake killing contests, selling huckleberries and making bows and arrows to sell in Mt. Holly. Page three reported boys’ and girls’ outing news, an article about Margaret Yates’ (Apache) accident in the laundry, continued progress with the school building, and teacher and staff activities. The fourth page concluded the account from page one, followed by a letter reprinted from the Hampton Institute’s Talks and Thoughts in which a Stockbridge man explained to his nephew “Why The Indians Want Citizenship.” 

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