The Indian Helper (Vol. 3, No. 34)

Carlisle, PA
April 6, 1888
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The first page opened with a poem "The Happy Philosopher," followed by "From the Indian Question to the Weather," a piece describing stereotypical prejudices and the importance of keeping Indians away from idle influences. Then came a report, "Our Guardhouse," extracted from essays by Richard Davis (Cheyenne) and Frank Dorian (Iowa) that continued on the fourth page. Page two opened with the article "A New Way to Get Well," using will power. The next article, "Business," was a two-part report about an Apache boy sent "Out" followed by the business going on in the printing office. The third page featured many small news items that included Easter activities, students getting ready for Outing assignments, the arrival of a group of Oneida's from Wisconsin, kite flying, girls' workouts in the gym, and observations by the Man-on-the-Band-Stand. Page four included a report called "Cockatoo" by "F," about the antics of a pet cockatoo, followed by the weekly "Enigma," and a couple of riddles.

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Cumberland County Historical Society