The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 16)

Carlisle, PA
November 26, 1886
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The first page opened with a poem titled "Sound Principle But Poor Poetry," followed by "A Boy Needs a Trade," about the degradation of a ditch digger reprinted from the Detroit Free Press. There was also an article called "A Sick Man who Wanted Whiskey." The second page included a report in the shape of a turkey titled "Our Thanksgiving Turkey and the Letter he Wrote Before we ate Him," followed by "Married," which was a notice of the wedding between Mr. Johnston and Miss Heysinger, frequent visitors to the school. The next article was a report by "One of 'em" about the proceedings of the I.U. Debating Club discussing the question, "Resolved, that the Indian be exterminated," followed by news of Juan Cordero's (Pueblo) accident on David Satterthwaite's farm while on outing, reprinted from the Bucks County Intelligencer.

Page three included items about winter weather, sledding, a new coal house added to printing office, Mrs. Pratt’s treatment in New York for an illness, girls knitting Christmas gifts, the Onward and Upward Club sociable, Mr. Standing's lecture, a piece about the new Apaches' progress at school and a notice that Miss Cutter's Physiology class observed the partial amputation of Frank Dorian's (Iowa) injured finger. Page four was taken up with several puzzles and concluded with a reprint from the Presbyterian Journal of a temperance story called "Saved by Kindness."

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