The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 44)

Carlisle, PA
June 11, 1886
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The first page opened with a poem titled "I'm Not Too Young" reprinted from Scattered Seeds. The next article, "Hoe Handle Medicine" extolled the medicinal effects of exercise. Page two featured several small stories, including Paul Eagle Star's (Sioux) outing assignment, a piece describing bicycles for men and tricycles for women, and a critique of Hattie and Dana's Long Wolf's (Sioux) father's visit to the school.

Page three included many small school news items that featured picnics, new students, a new press, strawberries, the death of former student, Albert Wilson, and Joshua Given's (Kiowa) whereabouts. Page four opened with "A Lazy Boy that used his Brains," followed by "Tommy Tucker," a story of a clever parrot. There was also a report of a prank played on the Man-on-the-band-stand followed by an article comparing white people's medicine to medicine brought by Indian "medicine men." There was a sports article, "Baseball," followed by news of boys who went to farms and finally, a quiz question.

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Cumberland County Historical Society