The Indian Helper (Vol. 1, No. 23)

Carlisle, PA
January 15, 1886
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The first page opened with a poem titled "I'll Put It Off" followed by "A True Story of a Boy Frozen to Death." Also found on that page was an article titled "Look Up!" which was reprinted from the Industrial School Journal, about overcoming the urge to steal. Page two continued with news blurbs dealing with wintery weather that included information about a severe storm at the school. There was also an article about discrimination toward Chinese workmen in Sacramento, California and one titled "Congress" that listed names of members of the House Committee on Indian Affairs and described legislation to bring Dakota into the Union as a state.

Page three reported the passing of Corinne, Pueblo who died at the school; staff news; and the monthly exhibition critiqued by the Man-on-the-Band-Stand. Page four included a poem by "Snow" titled "Mr. Snow's Talk," the "Enigma" puzzle, news of a cyclone in England, "Borrowing Money," and reports of letters from Solomon Chandler (Comanche) and Ralph Iron Eagle Feather (Rosebud Sioux).

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Cumberland County Historical Society