The Indian Craftsman (Vol. 1, No. 3)

Carlisle, PA
April 1909
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The opening article praised the work of Francis E. Leupp, Commissioner of Indian Affairs. The following article, pulled from the Philadelphia Ledger, featured two Carlisle students. Thomas Saul (Wanyeya) and Reuben Charles (Gwee-yeh-is) were awarded the Gillespie Scholarship and were being trained in the arts. Next, C. J. Crandall discussed the Pueblo Government; covering the organization of villages, land ownership, etc. In the "Legends, Stories, Customs" section featured stories written by Carlisle students. John White, a Mohawk, wrote about the development of pictographic writing. Charles Mitchell, assiniboine, discussed totems and the Caddo. Reuben Charles told the Seneca story of the great flood. Next, appeared a feature on "Tewanima, The Great Hopi Runner and Marathon Winner." Also discussed was the building of a new YMCA center. A reprinted article from the South Wales Daily News described the school, "as seen by a foreigner." The following section discussed a variety of topics, including Carlisle's connection to other government Indian schools, tracoma prevention efforts, a visit from six Pennsylvania senators, the outing system, and Indian artwork. Also covered were a comedic opera put on by students, and Carlisle C's, given to the school's athletes for their success. Next, appeared the story of the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk.  Lastly, a list of service changes and notes on former students were provided.

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