The Indian Craftsman (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Carlisle, PA
February 1909
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The superintendent of the school described improvements of school buildings, as well as an increase in attendance.  Next, appeared a history of the Flathead Indians, accompanied by images from the Flathead Reservation in Montana. F. Shoemaker, M.D. detailed how tuberculosis infections were handled at the school.  The following section, "Legend, Stories, and Customs" included stories told by Carlisle students. William Bishop told the story of "The Old Man in the Sky", John Ramsey wrote about Nez Perce Idaho, Michael R. Balenti wrote a short history of the Comanche, Joe F. Tarbell told the story of Tekakmetha, and Irene M. Brown wrote about Pawnee earth lodges. Next, remodels and improvements to school building were discussed. Art, Industrial Education, Nez Perce in Indian Schools, and the visit of Sir Horace Curzon Plunkett were also discussed. Finally appeared notes concerning former students and agency changes. 

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SC-Indian 973.0497 I393 v.1 no.1