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Abram Platt Student Information Card

Student information card of Abram Platt, a member of the Pawnee Nation, who entered the school on August 31, 1882 and departed on June 14, 1887.

Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
The Morning Star (Vol. 4, No. 1)
August 1883

Page one opens with a letter from the Secretary of the Interior, H.M. Teller, about the education of Indians. Page two had the Address Captain Pratt gave at the National Educational Convention at Ocean Grove, NJ. This address continued on to page three. After the end of Captain Pratt’s address,...

Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
Thirteen Pawnee students, c.1883

Studio portrait captioned as "Pawnee Indian group that entered the Carlisle Indian School in 1882." If that is accurate, then the sitters include: Louis Bayhylle, Frank West, Chalkley Stafford, Abram Platt, Thomas Kester, Bruce Hayman, Henry Eagle Chief, Minnie Topa, and Nellie Aspenall. Those...

Format: Photographic Print, B&W
Repository: Cumberland County Historical Society
List of Students to be Returned to their Homes for May 1887
May 26, 1887

Richard Henry Pratt provides the Office of Indian Affairs with a list of 80 students to return to their homes due to expiration of their terms and sickness. Pratt also details the travel arrangements for travel to the various agencies and locations. He also notes that 68 pupils whose terms have...

Format: Letters/Correspondence
Repository: National Archives and Records Administration
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