Lone Wolf, Amos

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Indian School students and staff working on roof of a building, 1880

Indian School students Amos Lone Hill, Joseph Gun, Philip (Kills), Ellwood Dorian, Carlos, Walter Matches, Oscar Bull Bear, and Ralph Iron Eagle Feather and staff members Samuel Wetzel and E.B. Strait working on the roof of one of the school buildings.

Note: The Cumberland County Historical Society has two copies of this image: CS-CH-096…

Photographic Print, B&W
Cumberland County Historical Society
Agency Update on Former Students Living at the Pine Ridge Agency
December 26, 1891 - January 4, 1892

Richard Henry Pratt forwards a copy of a letter from George LeRoy Brown, Acting U.S. Indian Agent for the Pine Ridge Agency, to the Office of Indian Affairs. In Brown's letter he provides an update and a character assessment on former Carlisle Indian School students he has met.

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