Death Record - Register of Pupils (1900-1906)

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The Death Record section of this Register of Pupils lists those students who died while at the school between the years 1900 and 1906. This list appears on page 184 of the register. The list includes the name of the student, the father of the student, the nation or tribe, the age of the student, the date of decease, and the cause of death. The entries are numbered beginning with 169, continuing from the Death Record pages in the previous volume of the Registers of Pupils. This list ends with entry 195. The Registers of Pupils comprise 2 volumes, which are located at the National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 75, Series 1324.

Please note: This content is of a sensitive nature and reveals information about death and burial, which some readers may find troubling. Our aim is to provide access to this historical documentation in a respectful manner. Please see our Research Methodology page for more information about our process.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Series 1324