The School News (Vol. 3, No. 7)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
December 1882
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Page one featured Henry North's article about his outing during the summer in Lancaster County. North described his daily routine and explained what he learned. Page two had a piece about Christmas, in which all the students gathered in the chapel to meet with St. Nick. On the same page Calvin Red Wolf (Cheyenne) wrote to his father about his experience at school and working on the farm.

Page three wished readers a Happy New Years and announced the death of a Wichita boy named Alfred. It also mentioned a visit from Professor Apgar as well as Joseph Wiscoby's (Menominee) account of Apgar's speech, which included information about glaciers and lakes in Switzerland. Page four included letters from Doty Steward to Captain Richard H. Pratt as well as one from Justine La Fromboise (Sioux) to the “School Mother.” Steward discussed the various men who worked for his boss, John M. Rulon. La Fromboise wrote about working in the field and how she wished to go back to Carlisle because of a man trying to force her to be his second wife.

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