The School News (Vol. 2, No. 1)

Carlisle, PA
June 1881
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Page one opens with a letter from Lucius Aitson (Kiowa) to his father describing an illness he had that left him bed ridden for two weeks and how fond her is of English. Also on this page is a short bit from Nellie Robertson (Sioux) about the story of Moses. The next page had an article titled “A Little History of the Pawnee” by paper editor Samuel Townsend (Pawnee). It described how his tribe moved from Nebraska to Indian Territory and how glad he and the other Pawnee children at Carlisle were glad to be there.

Page three had a list of random even from the month, such as children cleaning their clothes for church and how examinations went. There was also an expert from a letter to a boy at Carlisle from his brother about how his (the Carlisle student) wife had found another man. The final page has an article by Michael Burns (Apache) about how Indians fight against being civil until they realize it is better to give in. He claimed their Indian upbringing caused their resistance to becoming civil.

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