The School News (Vol. 1, No. 12)

Carlisle Barracks, PA
May 1881
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Number 12. Opened with a letter from Charles Kauboodle (Kiowa) to his cousin Laura, talking about what they’ve learned in school, their family, and wishing her a quick recovery from the sickness she has. Jessa Bent also had a few sentences on the desert published at the bottom of the page. The next page has a piece titled “Peace” about the hope for fighting to completely stop between Indians and Whites. Also on the page, a warning not to throw stones at birds. The next page had a series of sentences about daily life, including students abandoning their first language, vacation, farming, family, and a local parade. The final page has letters from students. Joe Chetopah (Osage) wrote on his meeting with the Duke of Southerland, Celia Pikard (Wichita) wrote about horses, Frank Crushing (Pueblo) wrote about his visit to a cave, and John Shield (Pueblo) wrote to his friend about the school. Two small articles about titled “Dogs” and “Clouds” were written by Luther Standing Bear (Sioux), and Gilbert, son of Iron Shell (Sioux) respectively.

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