The Indian Helper (Vol. 4, No. 25)

Carlisle, PA
February 8, 1889
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The first page began with a poem titled “Do Your Best,” followed by “The Man-On-the-Band-Stand and a Stranger,” which described the “old gentleman’s” effort to thwart the hiring of an Outing student who was careless with arithmetic. It continued on page four. Page two began with “A Manly Resolution,” that reported Felix Iron Eaglefeather’s (Sioux) decision not to return to the reservation despite his family’s request. Other news items mentioned Nancy McIntosh (Creek), Peter Cornelius (Oneida), Thomas Metoxen (Oneida), Fred Harris (Tlinget), and Eustace Esapoyet (Comanche). Page three featured many short blurbs with news about students Robbie Delain (Kickapoo); Laura, Richard and Etahdleuh Doanmoe (Kiowa); Wilkie Sharp (Pawnee); Celinda Metoxen (Oneida); and Minnie Billen (Pueblo). Also mentioned were items about Dickinson College, the Girls’ Literary Society and the sociable. Page four contained news from or about students Leila Cornelius (Oneida), Rachel Checote (Creek), Mary Bailey (Pueblo), and Joshua Given (Kiowa). There was a request for information as to the identity of the Man-on-the-band-stand and a word scramble titled “Pied Words.”

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