The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 20)

Carlisle, PA
December 24, 1886
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The first page featured the school Christmas greeting that included a drawing of the Man-on-the-band-stand that took up the entire front page of the newspaper. Page two opened with an article titled "Christmas" that described the Fourth of July and Christmas as national holidays, followed by articles that included news from the Pawnee Agency expressing disappointment that some Pawnees had joined Buffalo Bill's show. There were also some small items including news that coal had been discovered at the Sioux Reservation.

Page three was taken up with Christmas activities, the arrival of turkeys for Christmas dinner, and news that the Secretary of the Interior denied Victoria Standing Bear’s (Sioux) future husband’s request to live with her on her reservation since he was a White man. There was a report that praised the work of John and Cyrus Dixon (Pueblo) who had been hired as bridge carpenters, reprinted from the Santa Fe Daily New Mexican. Page four’s “Puzzle Corner” featured an Enigma submitted by Joshua Given (Kiowa). There was also an article titled "Mark Them Down," that pointed out undesirable behaviors followed by an item titled "A Little Shawnee Boy who Never was East Writes a nice Letter From his School in Indian Territory."

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