The Indian Craftsman (Vol. 1, No. 2)

Carlisle, PA
March 1909
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In the opening article, Superintendent Friedman wrote on the success of  public and special school in the United States.  Next, Glenn S. "Pop" Warner discussed athletics at the school. He addressed questions of recruitment and policy. In the "Legend, Stories, and Customs" sections Carlisle Students told legends and histories of their nations. Featured articles include "The Art of Making Pottery"; "The Legend of the Big Dipper," as told by Clarence Smith; a Pottawatomi creation myth, written by Elmira Jerome; and a history of Cayuse and Nez Perce. Next, appeared a brief description of the Indian School system. School physician F. Shoemaker outlines the spread disease and methods of prevention. R. H. Hoffmann discusses gardening and horticulture.  An article about the school was penned by "the Watchword."  Next, the budget of the printing department was discussed.  The Christian Association at the school was also featured, as well as tuberculosis among the Indians in and out of the school.  Frederick Koch was named disciplinarian and commandant of the cadets at the school. Other topics such as the laundry being redecorated and the limestone quarry appeared. Lastly, notes on former students, as well as two lists of employment changes, are provided.

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SC-Indian 973.0497 I393 v.1 no.2