Eadle Keatah Toh (Vol. 2, No. 4)

Carlisle, PA
November 1881
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Page one opens with a discussion on the various types of Indian education, from day and boarding schools in Indian Territory to Boarding schools like Carlisle in the east. It also talked about the construction of new buildings on campus. Page two had more statistics on other Indian Schools. Page three had a letter from George (Kit-Ka-Hoc) La-Lu-Lay-Serh-Ru-Ka-Sah to his son Edward Myers, talking about how his friends and family back home were doing and encouraging him in his studies. Also on the page was a discussion on formally determining the legal status of Indians under the United States Legal system. This would both help prosecute criminals and help to protect Indians who have been victims of crimes. Page four had a piece about a prisoner of St. Augustine named Minimic who attributed his return to health to his bible learning while held captive. He however died soon after. Page five had piece on the Forest Grove, Oregon Indian Training School, which was run by Capt. Wilkinson. Also on page five was a bit on how quickly the Cheyenne are coming to white ways. Page six had a piece on natives to New York and their military prowess, as well as their fights with the French. Mr. D.B. Dyer also described how all his “pets” were speaking English well and acting civilized.

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