Suckley, Thomas

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Cemetery information and mortuary documents related to Thomas Suckley, a member of the Mandan Nation.

Thomas Suckley Student Information Card
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Student information card of Thomas Suckley, a member of the Mandan Nation, who entered the school on February 23, 1890 and died on April 16, 1892. Suckley was buried in the cemetery on the school grounds.


National Archives and Records Administration
The Indian Helper (Vol. 2, No. 46)
June 24, 1887

The first page opened with the poem "What a Jug Did," reprinted from An Old Scrap Book followed by a piece called "Nice Letter from Mr. Standing," made up of abstracts from his trip West returning Carlisle students to their home agencies. Standing mentioned there was a special travel car for girls and sick students, and described his…

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