Group of male and female student printers [version 1], c.1894

Studio portrait of a large group of male and female students with a white male teacher in the center of the group. The caption identifies them as students who worked in the print shop.

One copy of this image has the sitters identified. They are, back row, left to right: William Denomie, Robert Hudson, Leroy W. Kennedy, Leander Gansworth, Timothy Henry, W.R. Claudy (Assistnt Printer), John Sanborn, Luther Dahhah, William Dominick, William Lufkins, Sibbald Smith, Clark Gregg; middle row, left to right: Fred A. Wilson, Siceni Nori, Philp Lavatta, Levi Saint Cyr (Foreman), M. Burgess (Sup't of Printing), James Riley Wheelock, Thomas Hanbury, Brigman, John Webster; front row, left to right: George Buck, Pressly Houk, Susie McDougal, Alice Lambert, Ida LaChapelle, James Hill, Samuel Six Killer.

W. Clandy and Marianna Burgess were staff members.

Time Period
NAA_74290; Photo Lot 81-12 06906100
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA