Composite Images of the Carlisle Indian School

The handwritten note reads: CHOATE

The reverse side reads: Old Guard House    Capt. R. H. Pratt Supt.    Old Chapel.     Supt. Quarters.      Ass't Supt. Quarters     Small Boys' Quarters.     Hospital and Disiplinarian's Quarters      Rosa W. Thunder as she arrived          Rosa White Thunder (Sioux) after 3 yrs.      3 Sioux boys as they arrived        Same 3 Sioux boys after 1 yr.       John Kitson (Menominee)     Rebecca Big Star (Sioux)        Whole School       Richard W. Y. Robe        New school Building       Noted Indian chiefs       Dining Room      Campus, after school          Three Pueblos        Calvin Kawley (Kiowa)        Offices and Teachers' Quarters         Tom Torlino (Navajoe) after 3 yrs.      Indian Printer Boys      Tom Torlino (Navajoe) as he arrived     Girls' Quarters        Bruce Patterson (Apache)       Large Boys' Quarters           Hector Cat (Kiowa)         Etahdleuh Doanmoe (Kiowa baby)        Belinda Archiquette (Oneida)       Charlie Kerime (Pueblo)      Gymnasium       Interior view of Printing Office        Carlisle School Choir        Dining Hall and Girls' Industrial Department      Group of Small Girls    White Buffalo (Cheyenne)      Two Apache Babies

Cabinet card composite photo of various images of people and spaces of the Carlisle Indian School.

Time Period
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA