Request for Chaperone to Escort Girls to St. Patrick's Church

October 1 - November 6, 1913

Rev. Mark E. Stock, the Catholic priest whose church Carlisle students attend, asks Superintendent Moses Friedman to allow female students to walk to his church without a chaperone or to assign a chaperone for them.

Friedman forwards Stock's letter to Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells, stating that it would be unsafe to send the girls without a chaperone at such an early hour. However, he would like Stock to send a chaperone rather than assigning an employee to the task because he does not want to give preference to any denomination, and all other churches send their own chaperones to escort students.

Sells agrees with Friedman's two points, and he asks him to appoint one of the older girls with "discreet characteristics" to act as chaperone. Friedman provides a variety of reasons for why he disagrees with this plan and requests that the church furnishes an escort instead.

Friedman also includes the Annual Carlisle Indian School Calendar, 1913-1914, to highlight the "impartial provisions" in place "for carrying out the religious instruction of students."

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #117574-1913-Carlisle-816
Request for Chaperone to Escort Girls to St. Patrick's Church