Inspection Report on School Buildings, 1916

February 7 - March 13, 1916

Supervisor of Schools H. B. Peairs writes an Inspection Report of the Carlisle Indian School. He calls attention to the most important needs of the school, which he deems to be the fire escapes, small boys building annex, lockers, hospital porches, and establishing quarters for married employees. 

Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs E. B. Meritt forwards a summary of Peairs' findings to Carlisle Indian School Superintendent Oscar H. Lipps. He asks Lipps to comment on Peair's report and to send in a formal request for new fire escapes for the girls building. 

In Lipps' response, he says that they will be installing new fire escapes, purchasing steel lockers, remodeling the boys' bathroom annex, and fixing the hospital porches. He states that for employee housing, they've built four cottages and are converting the old athletic building to an Employees' Club. 

Commissioner of Indian Affairs Cato Sells tells Lipps that his actions are satisfactory. 

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RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #17772-1916-Carlisle-410
Inspection Report on School Buildings, 1916