Company's Desire to be Paid for Shipment of Books received after School Closure

August 5 - December 5, 1919

The Arthur H. Clark Company informs the Commissioner of Indian Affairs that they shipped a set of Volume 2 of "American Indian, as Slave-Holders, Secessionists, and During the Reconstruction" to the Carlisle Indian School and that they have not been paid because the school is closed.

Assistant Commissioner E. B. Meritt asks the Commanding Officer of Army General Hospital #31, which replaced the Indian school, if they can find the books. Colonel F. R. Keefer forwards an answer from former Superintendent John Francis Jr.'s secretary, N. R. Denny, who states that she hasn't seen the book and asks if it was shipped April 2, 1918 instead of 1919 because the post office would've forwarded the books to Washington, D. C. or Chilocco, Oklahoma. Denny adds that, when the school closed, the library books were sent to Chilocco and the books in the Administration Building were sent to D.C.

Arthur H. Clark writes to the Commissioner again, and Meritt forwards their letter to Francis, who's now the Assistant Director of the Red Cross, and O. H. Lipps, who's now Chief Supervisor in Charge of the Chilocco School. Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Chilocco C. W. Blair informs Commissioner that they have Volume 1 but not Volume 2 and that they only received half of the books from Carlisle's library, with the other half going to the Indian Warehouse in St. Louis. 

Special Agent C. V. Peel informs the Commissioner that Francis' wife received Volume 2 and returned it back to the Arthur H. Clark Co. The company asks the Commissioner, again, to be paid for Volume 2, but Meritt informs them that Mrs. Francis returned the books.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #81006-1919-Carlisle-260
Company's Desire to be Paid for Shipment of Books received after School Closure