Infant in a cradleboard [version 2], c.1890

Studio portrait of an infant posed in a cradleboard. 

Version 1 of this image (linked to in Related Images) is a glass plate negative of a photograph of a photograph with the handwritten caption "Kiowa Pappoose." This image may have been taken of page 34 of Album 2 of the "Indian School Albums" now in the collection of the Cumberland County Historical Society (PA-CH2-034b), or it may have been taken before the print was added to the album. 

This photograph was originally taken by Frances Benjamin Johnston, probably at the Hampton Institute in 1899 when Johnston was there taking photographs of the Native American students. The image in the album may be a copy of the Johnston image, included among the images of Carlisle students, or it may be a copy made by Choate of the Johnston image, copied here again by Choate. 

This version is a print produced by Choate's studio. There is no indication that Choate credited Johnston for the original image. This was one of the photographs offered as a premium beginning in 1890 to subscribers of the school's Indian Helper newspaper, as were other photographs produced by (the others originally taken by) Choate. Those advertisements refer to this image as "pretty faced pappoose in Indian cradle."

Copies of the Johnston image are held by the Library of Congress ( and the Museum of Modern Art ( 

Time Period
CIS-PC-004, folder 49
John N. Choate, Carlisle, PA