Female students as "Indian Squaws" in "The Captain of Plymouth" [pose 2], 1909

Group portrait of twelve female students wearing costumes, standing, turned so that the prop "papooses" containing dolls they are wearing on their backs are visible. They are the "Indian Squaws," characters in the performance of the play, "The Captain of Plymouth," produced at the school from March 29-March 31, 1909.

According to the program for the performance, these students are Jane Butler, Shela Guthrie Brown, Lucy Charles, Ethel Daniels, Julia Pena, Fannie Charlie, Roxie Snyder, Flora Eaglechief, Etta Hattiwinny, Nora McFarland, Nancy Hasholy, and Rose Pickard.   

The Cumberland County Historical Society has another copy of this image: PA-CH3-110. 

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Everett Strong, Carlisle, PA