Return of Funds Allocated to Transport Students to Carlisle

January 15 - May 14, 1909

Carlisle Superintendent Moses Friedman asks the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the exact amount of money used from the support fund of the "Indian School, Carlisle, Pa. 1909" account to transport pupils to Carlisle from July 1 - December 31, 1908.

Chief Clerk F. M. Conser states that Indian agents and superintendents used $12,194.17 to transport pupils during that time period and sends Friedman an itemized list of who charged to the support fund and how much they charged. Friedman asks that the unexpended balance of the fund be recalled and redeposited so that he can estimate future costs.

Conser writes to 21 agents and superintendents asking them to return their unexpended balance from the "Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1909" appropriation. These officials have money from this appropriation to send students to Carlisle, but Friedman would like it back because they are not currently recruiting any more students. The unexpended balance totals $5,560.67.

A few months later, Friedman again asks for these funds to be returned to the school.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #4921-1909-Carlisle-220
Return of Funds Allocated to Transport Students to Carlisle