Reconciling Accounting Errors

June 16-26, 1908

W. A. Russell from the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company informs Superintendent Moses Friedman that he has not yet received a voucher covering Hugh Taylor's trip from Kentucky to Carlisle.

Friedman encloses an estimate of funds and outlines several financial equations to show that the Carlisle Indian School is due at least $4,413.79, and he forwards Russell's letter to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Acting Commissioner C. F. Larrabee asks Friedman to provide a record of expenditures issued by former Superintendent William A. Mercer from the incorrect accounts. Friedman states that the incorrectly issued expenditures totaled $3,403.62 and attaches a list of the goods purchased for Joshua P. Bixler.

Larrabee forwards Friedman's report to the Auditor of the Interior Department and asks him to charge the $3,403.62 to the "Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania (Buildings)" appropriation and credit the same amount to the "Indian School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 1908) appropriation.

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Reconciling Accounting Errors