Proposal to Recruit Students for Fiscal Year 1889-1890

May 13, 1889

Richard Henry Pratt requests authority to bring in an additional 275 students from various agencies for the upcoming fiscal year. Pratt notes that the school currently has 611 students, but he expects to lose about 175 due to expiration of enrollment terms. Further he states that he was in negotiation to bring in students from various agencies when he was informed by the Office of Indian Affairs that transportation funds were exhausted.

As a result, Pratt reiterates his suggestion that agency schools be sending their best students to the industrial boarding schools rather than the lowest-grade students that have made up over half of the students at Carlisle since its inception. If this policy is not adopted, Pratt requests the ability to have authority to arrange his own transportation.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, Entry 91, box 520, 1889-#12843
Proposal to Recruit Students for Fiscal Year 1889-1890