Process of Hiring a Business Teacher

July 2-11, 1908

Carlisle Indian School Superintendent Moses Friedman requests information on the process of hiring a business teacher, who he wants to be male as well as unmarried. Acting Commissioner of Affairs C. F. Larrabee informs Friedman that, unless he has a specific person in mind, they will hold a competitive Civil Service exam. Friedman recommends that the exam cover a variety of subjects to ensure that the best candidate is hired. 

Larrabee forwards Friedman's requests to the Civil Service Commission and asks them to create an exam based on the subjects Friedman is looking for mastery in. Larrabee informs Friedman that he has written to the Civil Service and tells him to notify any potential applicants that he knows.

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National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #44593-1908-Carlisle-833
Process of Hiring a Business Teacher