The Need for the Crow Nation to be Educated

December 6, 1880

Richard Henry Pratt forwards excerpts of a letter from Lieutenant Kishingbury, who writes a letter on behalf of the Crow nation. In the excerpts, Kingshingbury argues that the Crow desperately need to be educated because they depend entirely on buffalo for their food supply, and the buffalo will soon be extinct. He continues to say that the Crow are "enthusiastic and anxious" to have their children educated and that he could easily bring 50 students to the Carlisle Indian School. Pratt requests that Kishingbury be directed to bring the potential students to the school and adds that he trusts Kishingbury.

Note: This item was copied from U.S. National Archives microfilm reels (M234), which were filmed from the original documents found in Record Group 75, Entry 79, "Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-80."

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, M234, roll 486, frames 169-173
The Need for the Crow Nation to be Educated