Donation from Ropes Sisters in Massachusetts

August 17, 1914 - September 17, 1914

Supervisor in Charge of the Carlisle Indian School Oscar H. Lipps writes to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs regarding a $5,000 donation from sisters Mary P. and Eliza O. Ropes in 1908. He states that the money was given to former Superintendent Moses Friedman, who gave the money to a board of volunteer trustees. Mr. Weitzel and Mr. Ray, two trustees from this board, recently gave Lipps railroad bonds and a $179.40 check. He asks the Commissioner what to do with the bonds and check. 

Assistant Commissioner E. B. Meritt tells Lipps to account for the bonds and the check under the "Miscellaneous Receipts, Class 4" account.

Time Period
National Archives and Records Administration
RG 75, CCF Entry 121, #89555-1914-Carlisle-225
Donation from Ropes Sisters in Massachusetts